Petronas awards $3.12bn offshore contract to six companies

References to these sources are provided as far as possible. Production sectorThe fishery sector has for decades been playing an important role as a major supplier of animal protein to the Malaysian population. In the total fishery production of the country amounted to 1 tonnes. The fisheries are generally considered to consist of two major components, namely marine capture fisheries and aquaculture. The greatest bulk of the fish landings has always come from the capture fisheries, constituting Production from the inland fisheries is small, standing at around 0. The production pattern has not changed much over the last couple of years.

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The contract, which was a competitive tender open to both local and international companies, involves the transportation and installation for offshore facilities and includes all the necessary services required for the execution of the scopes such as marine spread services, required tools, specialized equipment and manpower services. A similar exercise was first introduced in wherethe long-term nature of the contract was proven to be beneficial in terms of economies of scale for PETRONAS.

Additionally, it provides reassurance to the respective OICs to invest in additional assets and the development of other aspiring local players in the field. Encik Ramlan Abdul Malek, Vice President of Petroleum Management of PETRONAS in his statement shared the driving strategy for this contract that offers a different approach to ensure maximum local participation meanwhile maintaining high competitiveness and upholding international standards.

Two out of the four packages were exclusively open to local barge owners only. The contract is part of continuing efforts by PETRONAS to further optimize its project deliveries and offshore activities in terms of safety, costs and schedule while ensuring security and availability of the necessary offshore transportation and installation barges to execute work planned by production sha ring contractors PSCs collectively.

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Even in Australia, Santas vary from outrageously jolly with luxurious thick beards to those wearing crappy polyester bristles with the elastic showing, a cushion wedged up their guts and smelling vaguely of alcohol.

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Demand With the growing population, increasing affluence, and the recognition that fish is actually the healthier source of animal protein, the demand for fish has been on the increase.

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