K-Pop Icon G-Dragon and Lee Joo-yeon Are Reportedly Dating (PHOTOS)

Is a heavy drinker. Before and after the scandal. Hyomin Her family has disowned her for being associated with the dating club. Possibilities of her being falsely accused are very likely, but CCM is taking no action to clear this particular accusation with press release. Her father was initially against her choice of career, but eventually accepted her wishes once he knew that she would continue her education. Big Bang G-Dragon is the one who has issues with certain members of Super Junior and these issues date back to the time he was trainee at SM Entertainment. Animosity between him and certain member blew out of proportion in Many of you assume that might still be a junkie, but from what I have heard he has remained clean since his marijuana controversy. He is not bi-sexual. He is said to be just friends with Kiko Mizuhara till date.

Who is Lee Seo-jin’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Lee Seo-jin

In , we had the first K-pop idol couple to marry: Scroll down to reveal the full list! A few days after, the couple tied the knot at a private church wedding. The two costarred in Modern Farmer.

Lee Seo-jin born January 30, is a South Korean actor.

Korean Actors Dating Rumors Responding to a question about why she lacked dating rumors, SYJ said. Given that she has a strong lesbian fanbase in Korea, she cant not know. With Korean drama and film industry gaining popularity all over the world,. Some rumors arised after he starred with the lovely actress Park Bo. S management agency said. Mo dismissed rumors that he is in romantic relationship with. S Agency Respond To Dating.

Korean actor Song Joong-ki seen in Bali with actress Sep 9, She and her agency have both been mum about the dating rumors. Ones think long brief and to korean artist dating rumor point since short.. After rumors started flying about dating during their trip to Bali, the couple released a surprise wedding announcement. And there were a few musician couples and actor-model couples.

Ji Chang-wook, former Miss Korea deny dating rumors

I’ll put the possible years these rumored-to-be “couples” could’ve been dating. So don’t take this post seriously. They supposedly stayed in a hotel together. Especially when there was a rumor going around that a gay idol couple would be revealed, Hyeongseop suddenly deleted all their photos together. Taeyeon C , Seulgi Chanyeol: Unidentified girl during EXO debut that’s rumored to be Krystal:

We would appreciate if the public and fans support the two stars.

Now, with great excitement, fans are thrilled that the actress may soon announce that they are actually a couple. Of course, their fan base are willing to attend it and witness what the two have to say. It is even mentioned that the two will be singing You are My Everything by Gummy which is a famous song from the soundtrack of their series. A lot are expecting they will reveal their dating status on that day since Song Joong Ki has been giving clues to the fans about it.

Morning News USA shared that in his fan meeting in Hong Kong, the year old actor hinted that the Autumn in My Heart actress is the woman he loves as he talked about his favorite scene in the show. Comment your answer below! Descendants Of The Sun Season 2: Show To Reveal New Characters? For comments and suggestions, leave a message in the comments section below. Like and Follow our Facebook page for more stories and to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings.

3 BTS members With Dating Rumors

Free sign up cp newsletter! They have been spotted spending time together in several instances, which led many fans to speculate that the two have been seeing each other. However, her agency, Salt Entertainment, was quick to address the rumors. In a statement , a representative from Park Shin Hye’s agency said, “As graduates of Chung-Ang University, the two have continued to have a close friendship.

As for the trip that the two stars reportedly went on, which further fueled the dating rumors, Salt Entertainment explained, “In the case of the overseas trip, there were a lot of other acquaintances there as well.

YG is known for its very strict rules of dating, which also applies to idols who are still trainees. Jisoo herself added that the rules are actually made to prevent idols under YG Entertainment to date secretly. But actually there are exceptions about dating if the idol tries to discuss and negotiate with YG. This is why, it is very hard for trainees to meet up with boys or even date. Once they have debuted everything becomes better.

He cares a lot about Black Pink members, even when they were still trainees. Jennie is 21 years old, while Teddy Park is 39 years old. YG also warned netizens that they will take a legal action against the rumors. Black Pink Jisoo Dating Rumor allkpop. Jisoo stated that she has never been in a relationship with anyone so far, that is why there are no rumors about her with any guy. Black Pink Jennie Dating Rumor en. This happened when Jennie was still studying in New Zealand.

But YG Entertainment clarified the rumor that it was spread by YG hater and the hater had been arrested. The rumor was made due to his hate toward YG Entertainment.

K-Pop Icon G-Dragon and Lee Joo-yeon Are Reportedly Dating (PHOTOS)

Wednesday, October 2, Dating Rumors, The Kpop Idol’s Struggle As the internet is fast spreading, where information is easily accessed and electronic gadgets are more utile, K-pop idol stars are no escape from their fans, who wanted to know their personal lives. Photos where they are together, a belonging of someone else that is worn or brought, couple accessories and others are some of the things these eagle eyes watch out for.

Photos and videos are seen that were uploaded on different SNS and forum and media sites that made a hard evidence for the two to be in a relationship. Their agency already denied the rumors but netizens are surely waiting for some progress. Gossips then spread that the two are in a relationship which was confirmed by the idols themselves.

He was described as tall and handsome.

I don’t have anything else to say because they match well. Idols, especially EXO, is the most popular group right now. I don’t understand why the members laughed at Kai when Krystal was saying her award speech. Dating isn’t a bad thing but they shouldn’t be showing it like that. The fans shielded them and said it was false, but it turned out to be true. Fans already know that he’s been going in and out of a studio with the girl.

I won’t shield them anymore. Dispatch backfired with the kiss picture and the news blew up. Kai broke his leg while skiing and he had to perform seated with Xiumin at year-end performance. Fans had asked reasons for Kai’s leg injury, but they did not give any feedback, making fans upset.

Why Are There So Many Dating Rumors About SM Idols?

Korean celebrity dating rumors Top 10 trending korean entertainment news in hellokpop edition Lee min ho and suzy were caught by dispatch in london, england. And more have made their relationship official. Won bin and lee na young The weeknd, has already moved on with selena gomez. The couple were spotted hanging out in l. Would you like to receive dramafever promotions?

No rumors yet but is believed to be single rn Zelo:

According to Seven Seasons and FNC Entertainment, the management agencies for Zico of boy band Block B and Seolhyun from girl group AOA, respectively, the two idols “became attached to and relied on each other while going through difficult times. We would appreciate if the public and fans support the two stars. But they had consistently denied them and said they were just friends. On entertainment bulletin boards and various social media sites, rumors had it that the popular rapper wrote lyrics that reminded fans of Seolhyun, triggering wild guessing games among the fans.

Sources had previously tipped Yonhap News Agency that Seolhyun accompanied him in a private gathering with his friends who were already aware of the relationship and that the two would never acknowledge it unless a picture of the two being together was made public. The confirmation came after a local online media company reported on Wednesday afternoon that the two had been dating for five months and became close when Zico supported her when she were widely ridiculed in May for her lack of history knowledge on a TV program.

The media ran paparazzi photos of them secretly dating.

7 Dating Rumors We Wish Had Been True

Out of all the rumors, the ones that tend to spread the most are ones related to dating. In the past, there have been a multitude of celebrity dating rumors which have spread online. Some of them have been seemingly far-fetched, while others appeared to have been true.

Animosity between him and certain member blew out of proportion in

The two had met on the set of Taeyang’s music video for “1AM” and had been seen on dates together since December of that same year Despite this, they had not officially announced their relationship to the public until June of this year after being caught on a date together in Sydney, Australia. Despite this, an official announcement was not made about their relationship until July of this year after images of them leaving the Incheon International Airport were leaked on the internet 9. Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah The two met while being endorsement models for the fashion brand Giordano together and had been secretly dating for about two months before being caught by Dispatch.

After going public with their love, it was soon announced that the couple are to get married in after dating for over 3 years. I hope that they have a happy, loving marriage! The official announcement was made on December 8,

Zico, Seolhyun confirm dating rumors

Kris, Luhan and Tao filed lawsuit against S. Entertainment Kris VS S. Entertainment faced two different lawsuits from its talents EXO-M members. Luhan wants to nullify his contract with the agency because of health issues and being treated differently than it’s Korean members having no promotions.

He has wide fan circle ,His fan thinks that He is only a mere man who also happens top act ,and funny and cute with his ever charming dimples smile.

Lee Seo-jin born January 30, is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his leading roles in the historical dramas Damo and Yi San Lee Seo-jin made his acting debut in in the television series House Above the Waves. He made it through many projects, mostly TV shows. Because of his hard work, he was able to reach his fame for playing a wonderful role in a TV drama called Damo in After that, his popularity rose again because of the drama hit called Phoenix. It was his first ever film and he will be forever proud of it.

Girlfriend Crushed on Han Ji Min? I married when I was 36, you should get married now. On February 4, an article in the media outlet Korea Times reported that Choi was still being asked if she was dating Lee.

[KOREAN CELEBS] Real Life Dating Couples (2017)

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